About the Pygmy Pets Brand

Welcome to Pygmy Pets—the brand creating safe and fun toys for our smallest friends!

Pygmy Pets is an emerging brand of toys created specifically for small pets. From puppies and kittens to pygmy pigs and tiny birds, we are working to make toys safe and appropriately-sized for our little companions. With a range of animal availability, varied toy selection, and wide price availability, we hope to become the first choice in toys for all pygmy pet owners.

You may be thinking—“If my pet is small, why does toy size matter?” Larger, average-sized toys may look fun for pygmy animals, but they cannot play with the item as it was intended to be experienced. If a toy is meant to be chewed, they may not be able to fit their jaws around the base; if a toy is meant to be swatted at, unintentional heaviness may cause head injuries. Moreover, providing your small friends with appropriate toys may prevent costly issues down the line—from dental issues to jaw injuries, finding an appropriately-sized toy is a necessity for small pets. Our products are safe, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe for optimal safety and convenience.

In addition to information about our products, website visitors will be able to track our funding process. Though we are very close to our funding goal, we do not yet have the resources to start manufacturing our Pygmy Pets toys and apparel. We will provide updates when investors finalize contracts, when crowdfunding goals are reached, and—most excitingly—when we begin production. In its final form, this website will become our online store. For now, it will host information.

However, we don’t want our site to become known as a drab place to check investment progress. We want to keep it fun! Until we reach our funding and investing goal, we will run a blog spotlighting some of our favorite pygmy animals. They might be pets, they might be wild—who’s to say? These tiny creatures are so cute you won’t even believe they’re real. Check back every few days to see more featured Pygmy Pets.