Cultivating a Safe Home for Pets

Pets are the favorite roommates for many. Accordingly, the welfare of the little ones is important to them. Since a dwelling does not correspond to the natural environment of animals, some measures are often necessary to provide them with a habitat in which they can develop, but in which they are also safe from life-threatening dangers. Depending on the animal, very different measures are possible, if only because each animal moves differently in space. While most animals have to be protected from dangers on the ground, birds, for example, still have potential dangers at the height that one must try to eliminate. 

Of course, if the animals have some free access, such as cats, they cannot be saved, of course. But at least you should create the best conditions at home. 

Protection against injury from other household items 

If the animals roam free in the home, it is important to secure freely movable and heavy objects – especially those above head height of the animals. For example, it quickly happens that a cat starts something on the bookshelf that can hit the other. The same is true for small animal cages, here care should be taken that the animals cannot fall from a great height, but also that all components are fixed so that animals do not fall uncontrollably or are killed by part of the cage. 

Find hidden dangers 

While some dangers are obvious, others must first be sought. Before you let the animal run free, therefore, the whole apartment should be inspected, not only where the animal moves, but also in the levels above. Is there anything that could be attractive for her as feed, but contains dangerous ingredients? Generally, you should leave nothing edible open, as animals basically need different food than humans. The negative consequences of wrong food do not have to show up immediately. 

For small animals there is also a great risk to life through the house electrics. Here many accidents have become known. Sockets, devices and cables should not be accessible if possible, so that they cannot be nibbled on. Larger networks can be resolved if possible, which today mainly Internet lines. Since many cables are not very decorative anyway, one should think about getting a wireless router into the house and wirelessly connect all Internet-enabled devices. Because on the floor, the cables are unthinkable for animal housemates. 

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