Hamster Jogging Balls, Galore!

You can still find them: the jogging ball. Also known as hamster ball or race ball, it provides amusement under uninformed and irresponsible hamster owners, in animal welfare circles, however, it is because of obvious disadvantages as animal welfare and harmful to health! 

Often these balls are shown in films (eg in the animated film “Bolt”) – that movies often have nothing to do with reality, everyone should be aware and thus also that hamsters have lost nothing in such balls. But why? 

The hamster has no control over his direction in this ball 

Change of direction, slowing down, avoiding – an impossibility. For obstacles – such as a chair leg – collision is inevitable. And often with serious consequences: The abrupt collision can lead to sprains and fractures, even traumas. Rolling the ball down a staircase – not thinking what the little hamster in the worst case threatens. 

Poor air circulation in the ball 

Hamster balls usually have only very small louvers. For adequate ventilation here is never worried. Through the efforts of the hamster to get out of the bullet, he has to make an effort – with no chance of escape. Due to the accelerated respiration he gets in return hardly any fresh air. This is clearly reflected in the cycle of the small animal. 

Danger by getting stuck  

For adequate ventilation, the slots are too small, but often enough for a toe or a paw. Due to the uncontrolled running in the ball, the paw of the hamster can quickly get caught in such a slot. If this happens, the hamster is in great pain – he suffers! 

Damage to the muscles 

Hamster balls have, in addition to the disadvantages already mentioned, another disadvantage: their size. With a diameter of 12 to 18 centimeters, they are simply far too small for a hamster to walk in WITHOUT a crushed back. If the hamster is regularly and permanently inserted into such an animal tormenting bullet, postural defects such as herniated discs, curvatures and unbearable pain are inevitable. Please note that this can happen even if the impeller is too small!  

Limitations of natural perception 

Due to the plastic, the hamster can neither properly see nor smell and hear its surroundings. The hamster wandering aimlessly around the globe, bumping into objects, etc. may seem “funny” at first glance, but it is not under any circumstances! The hamster is exposed to permanent stress in a running ball, he cannot use his natural senses, cannot determine the direction and all sounds sound different and thus completely foreign. The fact that everything is taken as a foreign, the hamster wants to hide only. As a result, he runs even faster, more often attacks on objects, etc. Everything swings up each other. Appropriate outlet WITHOUT stress definitely looks different! 

The quiet little place is not so quiet  

Hamsters are naturally pure animals. Your village is located in a suitable place where it could interfere with neither the foraging, nor the food supply. Nevertheless, paths and aisles are also marked. Anyone who has watched his hamster has already noticed that they can also release urine while running in the wheel. And this can also be the case in the anti-animal running ball. The hamster runs in his own feces and urine, he pollutes himself and the feces can clog the already too few ventilation slots anyway. 

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