How to Care for Miniature Donkeys

Among the top of the list of the most cute and affectionate animals is the miniature donkey. This adorably small animal is perfect in almost every way and can make an excellent companion to any child or family in need of a bit of care.  
Miniature donkeys are also extremely loyal and make for a great long-term friend, similar to a pet dog.  

How to Care for Miniature Donkeys? 

Just like full-sized donkeys and horses, miniature donkeys need lots of clean water, hay, a fenced area to graze, and plenty of grain to nibble on. They also need to be visited by a vet and be regularly vaccinated. 
Since these unbearably sweet animals are loyal, they prefer a social context where they have constant companionship. Typically, if you are going to get one miniature donkeys, you should get another or already have one. Friendships between the two animals will support them in best caring for one another and showing affection towards you.  

Hay vs Grass 

Your donkey deserves the best to be thriving at their fullest potential and living comfortably. As seasons change you must be mindful of the food source that you are providing your companion. During the dry winter months, good quality hay should be given to your donkey. However, if the spring and summer seasons bring beautifully rich pastures, allow your donkey the freedom to feed on deliciously nourishing grass.  


Similar to humans, donkeys require essential trace minerals to supplement their diets. 12-12 mineral should be provided to your donkeys at all times, so they eat it when they need it. Granular minerals tend to be best for donkeys and a salt block can also be implemented to assist with mineral intake.  
Similar to any pet or animal companion, the right care is needed and is very well deserved, especially towards this beautifully small and happy creature. 

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