How to Care for Miniature Horses

Caring for an animal requires proper attention, dedication, and love. Having an animal is gaining a new best friend, so why not give them the best care! Miniature horses are relatively easy to care for, and they are quite cheaper than regular horses. Here’s how you can take proper care of your little mini. 


Your little mini horse likes to roam and enjoy the sunshine, but also needs some shelter and shade to protect them from elements. A 3 sided shed is great for your horse; this way, they are covered and protected. Your mini can also adapt to a regular barn, make sure to adjust their food and water. Your horse will need enough space to play and breathe freely. A ¼ acre is the minimum you should have for your mini.  

Feeding Your Horse 

The proper diet for your mini should include grass and hay. If your horse exercises regularly and has access to a decent amount of green pasture, you will not need to add hay into the diet. Your horse usually eats up to 2% of their body weight and can eat about 1lb. of grains a day. You can even throw corn, barley, wheat, and oats into the mix. Giving your mini too much hay could cause them to become overweight, and too much grains can cause constipation.  


Before grooming, you need to make sure your mini is secure, so they can’t bolt during grooming. Make sure to never approach your horse from behind because their kicks are quite powerful, and always stand to the side, make sure they hear you when approaching.  


Your miniature horse needs a companion! They thrive better and stay happier when they have a friend to play with and run with. Most people have more than one mini, but they also make friends well with donkeys, sheep, dogs, or goats.  
Caring for your horse is a lot of work and rewarding at the same time. Your horse will be happy and healthy, and will thank you. 

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