How to Care for Pygmy Pigs

Among the list of adorably small creatures, the teacup pig (also known as miniature, dwarf, and even micro pigs) has taken the hearts of most Americans. It’s small size, potbelly, round head, tiny legs, and perky ears make teacup pigs trendier than their larger counterparts.  
Adopting a miniature pig is a long-term commitment and perfect for anyone looking for a friend who will stay with you for around 15 to 20 years. They are intelligent creatures and were originally bread for research due to their intelligence.  

How Do You Care for Teacup Pigs? 

The very first step in caring for a teacup pig is making sure that you are allowed to in the state or county you live in. Some counties still consider these creatures as livestock only and this can lead to neighborly complaints about livestock that is “unauthorized.” 
The second and equally important step is to make sure that you are aware that miniature pigs do not stay “miniature” forever. These pigs can grow to be over 50 pounds in weight, about the size of a medium dog.  
Since teacup pigs are very intelligent, you can treat them as you would a pet dog at times. Use positive reinforcement to train your teacup pig, rewarding with treats when tasks are completed correctly.  

Living with a Pig

Get ready for messy! You can train your pig to use a litter box/area, however, as they grow in size cleaning that area may become more and more difficult.  
Again, similar to having a pet dog, exercise is essential for any teacup pig so make sure to offer plenty of time to stretch those muscles. After walks and playtimes, be sure to provide lots and lots of blankets. These miniature pigs love to dig under layers of blankets and sleep cozily so make sure to have blankets everywhere your pig likes to go. 

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