Is a Pet Bunny Right for You?

You may be tempted to get a pet bunny because of their chubby cheeks or fluffy ears, but you should know what to expect if you become a bunny owner. A bunny is a great indoor pet if you have the right environment and time to acclimate the pet to your house and yourself. 

Bunny Nutrition 

Bunnies eat an exclusive plant diet. They also need to eat very frequently throughout the day. They eat a lot to maintain a good level of fiber and to keep their teeth filed. In addition to a steady supply of hay, rabbits benefit from fresh, leafy vegetables in their diet. Fresh vegetables should not be their main food source, however. Bunnies also need clean water at all times.

Bonding with Your Bunny 

Creating a relationship with your bunny is essential for a positive experience. Bonding with bunnies takes time and continued efforts since the bunny is likely to start out timid and skittish. You can use treats to build trust and reaffirm good behavior in your bunny. It’s important to keep your voice calm and low due to their hearing sensitivity. Additionally, you should try to interact with your bunny at their level. This means sitting on the floor with them or bringing them up on a couch with you. With consistent bonding time, you and your bunny will form a strong friendship. 

Creating the Best Environment for Your Bunny 

Rabbits need plenty of room inside of a house to be able to play and do other enrichment activities. You should have a cave that creates a space for your bunny to retreat to in case they get stressed. Additionally, rabbits need a water and hay source within their pen. Beyond these essentials, bunnies enjoy toys to keep them occupied and happy.  

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